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Addendum to my trip 2012

After reading my post, I realize how vague it is! I would like to leave on May 28, 2012 and arrive in Krackow the next morning (Saturday) I would like to spend a week in Poland. I don't want to go to Wasaw. I won't have a car so will have to rely on trains and buses for my vacation. From there I would like to fly to Northern France, how to get there? The one place I would dearly love to see is Giverny. I would like to spend a week in Northern France and a week in Southern France. I have stayed in Southern France for the last two vacations 2010 and 2011. to get from Krackow to Northern France and what to see for one week in Poland and 1 week in Northern France?
What would my fellow travelers give for advice? Hope this is less vague.

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What would you like to see around Krakow? From my experience, Auschwitz is a day trip, the salt mines probably half a day to a day, and two to three days exploring the museums, churches, and ambience of Krakow. With an extra few days I'd recommend Zakopane as a good place. One thing to note is that regional rail service in Poland is very poor, so you will almost certainly be relying on buses if you want to get out and visit any smaller towns/outlying areas. Many of them end up being minibuses with a fairly small luggage hold, so try to pack as light as possible! (I speak from experience here, currently living in Southwest Poland near the Czech border teaching English). For flights I'd recommend a few options. Ryanair flys from Krakow to Paris Beauvais (about 40 miles north of the city with a shuttle service) As of right now you could get a flight for just under $100 or so. EasyJet also looks really good, around $60 one-way to Charles de Gaulle. Just be careful about your luggage and weight limits! Sometimes LOT Polish Airlines also has good deals between Krakow and CDG. I hope this helps, keep us posted on the planning!