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I read that back packs are not allowed at the Acropolis and that only "small" purses are allowed. I'd appreciate advice from someone who has visited recently about what "small" means. Thanks in advance.

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i was at the acropolis about 2 weeks ago. i had a messenger style bag. nobody said anything to me. my friend had a regular size back pack. nobody said anything to her. we bought our entry tickets and proceeded through. there was nobody checking/commenting on backpacks nor did i see any staff request other visitors to leave their bags outside the entry. i think you will be fine

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I think something may have got lost in translation.

As many will know prior to the Athens Olympics the Acropolis was in a terrible state. I love the Greeks dearly, but at times, they had very little respect for their own cultural heritage. Before the Olympics and the general clean up in Athens the Acropolis was a bit of a mess and it was often used as a dumping ground for unwanted items. Seeing an old fridge and half a moped dumped halway up the Acropolis was not uncommon.

That's all changed. Now it has been cleaned up and is once again a national treasure. So if someone looks like they are carrying household waste on their backs the guards will take action. For once it pays to look like a tourist.

That is my understanding of the situation.

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FYI - food or drinks are not allowed in. You must consume before you enter.

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I think in High Season, with big crowds, the guards might get pickier. Play it safe. If you have a backpack, DON'T come to the acropolis with it jam-full, hanging off your back. Make it as empty as you can... if necessary, as you pass the guards carry your fat guidebook in one hand, hang your camera around your neck and tie your sweater around your middle. Hang the thus-deflated backpack from one shoulder strap, with the pack tucked flattish under your arm as if it is a shoulder bag. After you're in & up on top, you can re-pack i.

As for what the "small purse" thing means, I have a "SportSac" nylon type travel bag that expands enough to carry a book, a sweater a camera and lunch, but when not jam-packed, will be qite flat. I also have used those "easy-back" teardrop-shaped travel handbags, both of them to the Acropolis in different years.