Accommodations in Split and Dubrovnik

We are going to Croatia in October. We are well seasoned travelers who have been following Rick's advice for over 20 years. What suggestions do you have for hotels in the heart of Split and Dubrovnik??

Posted by Angela
Chicago/Rural WI
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Based on the advice of Rick Steves, we stayed at BASE Rooms in Split and Villa Ragusa in Dubrovnik. Both places suited us well and I have no problems recommending either of them.

A couple of things, however. Our room in Split was the one on the first floor (up one flight of stairs). Friends of ours recently stayed there and had the room on the 2nd floor and it didn't look as charming.

And the Villa Ragusa is within the Old Town walls of Dubrovnik, but to get to and from the Stradun (the main drag) it involves walking up/down a lot of stairs. However, since Dubrovnik has a lot of stairs in general, it is tough to avoid them completely no matter where you stay.

Good luck!

Posted by Mark
Johns Island, SC
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In Dubrovnik we stayed at:

Everything about it was great, especally the location.

In Split we stayed in a Sobe (near the centre of town) that we found by walking around the water front area. We also took our trip in Oct and got to Split on the week end and all the regular hotels were booked.

You can see pictures (and trip details in a link to our planning spreadsheet) of our trip at our blot @

Posted by Frank
Wilmington, DE
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I've also stayed at Base Rooms in Split. If you plan to be in Split on a Friday or Saturday night, expect a lot of late night noise from the teenagers who gather in front of the temple next door. They went on until about 1am on Saturday, but it was totally peaceful on Sunday night. I would stay there again, but not on a Friday or Saturday. If you don't need to be within the walls in Dubrovnik, Jadranka Benussi's rooms are a short walk from the Pile Gate and are very nice. I stayed there for 4 nights last year and really enjoyed it. Note that neither of these places serve breakfast, as they're sobe rather than hotels.

Posted by Caroline
Westport, Connecticut
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We used a website recommended in the Rick Steves Croatia guide, We were really happy with our apartment in Dubrovnik's Old Town and they were really friendly too. It was nice to have Americans in Dubrovnik that we could call or if we had any questions.

Posted by Chris
Vancouver, BC
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I stayed in a sobe in Split and Dubrovnik. Both met me at the bus station. When I arrived in Split from Dubrovnik there was no one there at the dock offering sobe, so I walked to the bus station and there were a few. Both were nice places, and about 40 euros per night.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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It depends on your budget and spirit. we`are just back from 11 nights in Croatia (well, one in Mostar) and jumped in with no reservations, depending entirely on Sobe found on arrival. For Split (we passed thru twice) one night was in a 250 Kuna (50 USD) Sobe near Old Town, the other at Sobe Base for 450 Kuna (90 USD) Yes, Sobe Base is nice, we had the 3rd floor room, less noise from the street and from any rooms above. Dubrovnik, we stayed midway between Old Town and the Bus/Port, the lady was very gracious and showed us the local bus connections to get around, and the price was only 160 Kuna/night (32 USD). The range shown above represents the high and low we paid in Croatia with 250 to 300 Kuna being typical. Being off season, you should be able to negotiate a good location to 200 Kuna in October. If you reserve ahead, be prepared to pay closer to the 350 to 400 for Sobe, more for a Hotel. If you find nothing ahead of time for Dubrovnik, I would be tempted now (for October) to simply get to the Pile gate area and knock on Sobe doors just outside of Old Town, there will be tons of places available, you could probably get an apartment for 200 Kuna.