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A Taste Of Athens and Santorini with an Extra Bonus

My wife & both enjoy restaurants which offer more than good food. Fine dinning is NOT the goal. For example on the Carolina beaches we eat at Tiki Bar’s, water view frontage places with that special local character flavor and then try to add a local musician who performs local music when ever possible THEN WE ARE HAPPY! Recommendations in and around Athens and Santorini which satisfy this quest for experience are truly appreciated. Other unusual dining experiences which are local in nature are also worth a post (please).

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It took a moment but I figured it out. I'll just walk down the street shouting "Linda", "Linda", "anybody seen Linda lately?". If you left the same impression on them as they did on you then my method will work. If not your success and my desire to match your experience will find its own bit of "Athens memories". I'm not shy so nothing is off limits (as my wife knows so she covers her eyes when those moments of inspiration strike.

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Hey Jim, I'm with you! Our first night in Athens our hotel manager took us on a small walking tour at 10 at night! He proudly showed off his city and since we hadn't eaten he offered to take us to "his friends" I'm not sure how to tell you where we ate (I didn't see any signs with restaurant names) but I'll try. Greeks eat late, after the sun goes down and we were in the Plaka about 5-7 blocks north of the base of the Acropolis (looking at my map it could have been on Adrianou or Kiristou). The street was closed to traffic and we were at the dead end. We were the only tourists there that I could see and there was music, kissing of strangers! and of course wonderful Greek food! During the touristy day this street had very small restaurants that were low key and unassuming, but when the sun went down they pulled their tables into the street and partied! Our tour guide told the waiter, "These are my friends; treat them well," and left us in the hands of his friends.

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Okay sounds great to me also. When you go and find those places please email me, we're going in Oct. And I am like your wife, I close my eyes when my husband goes for it, but I benefit from all the fun he finds.
Have a great time

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No! Please don't keep secrets! We all want to know what delectables you will have found. My husband's going on a folk dance tour of Greece and the Greek Isles in mid October and would love to hear of others' great finds as well as finding his own. Thanks!

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We stayed at the Hotel Jason. Several blocks behind that hotel was an area that sounded like Linda described. We made the mistake of going early, 8:00. We were about the only people. When we left about 10 the places up and down the street were roaring. What a great time they were having. One of our favorite meals was on the rooftop restaurant of the Hotel Jason. The view was to die for and the bartender there had helped another couple with things to do. I had printed his picture out and taken it with us. He was so happy to find out he had been written up on the net. So from then on we took pictures of all the waiters that we liked. They loved it. Often the owners came out to get in the picture.

We loved the Isle of Milos. It was very, very inexpensive and lots of great places to eat. When we left on the midnight ferry, the people from the restaurant were waving goodby to us. What a great trip.