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A question for someone who has flown Air Malta

I will be flying from Athens to Malta on Air Malta in May. I am a US citizen (in case this makes a difference). My itinerary says to check in 2 hours before flight. My question: is this just a suggestion or are they stringent about this? I normally would show up about 1 1/2 hours before my flight. But if there is some hard and fast rule about being there 2 hours, then I want to comply. I didn't find many other flights to Malta and don't want to miss this one!!! The next one wasn't til 3 days later!! thanks.

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Seems to me to be an easy call--spend an extra half hour at the Athens airport beyond what you'd budgeted, or save the half hour and risk waiting for three days for the next flight...Unless you are indifferent as between three more days in Athens or the three days in Malta, a half hour isn't much of an investment. I wouldn't risk missing the plane myself, but then again, I'm not the traveler, you are.