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Greece Ferries

Hello! I'm about to book airfare to Greece for this July, but I'm worried about how many ferries go from Piraeus to Santorini each day. Right now it looks like the only ferries are at 7 am or leaving after 4 pm for an overnight trip. If those are the only ones I'm thinking I'd have to leave a day earlier than I planned, but I'm hoping there will be more ferries added to the schedule as we move into the summer. Thank you!

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If you go to you can use the calendar function to backtrack to last July to see what was available. From what you're saying about July 2013 it looks about the same, although I did spot the Prevelis leaving Piraeus at 2pm once or twice and arriving at Santorini around 9:40pm. I encourage you to stick with the larger car ferries. The highspeed catamarans bob in the water like corks when the seas are rough from high winds, and the seas are at their roughest in July.

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Carl, have you considered flying to Santorini?? The ferries can take up to 9 hours or so ... flights are about 50 minutes. And there are numerous flights per day. They aren't as cheap as a conventional ferry (which is about 50€ = $67USD), but u wd not have to stay over in Athens/Pireaus, so you would come out about even. It would also help us advise you if you could say the estimated time u would expect to arrive at ATH airport. (If u fly to East coast & take nonstops from NY, PHL or Toronto, these are shortest, & arrive ATH 9-10am. This site gives skeds for both airlines: -- and when I put in a random date, Sunday July 7, there are NINE flights ... 5:30, 8:30, 10, 11:45, 14:50 (230pm) 16:15 (4:15), 17:55 (5:55), 19:10, and 21:35. Some go for $167, but the 8:25, 16:15 and 2135 go for $116. giving you many options.