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9 day trip in Eastern Europe!!

Thanks everyone for the advice on the Balkans countries. My parents and will be seeing and driving through the hill towns for 5 days and would love to see Eastern Europe for 9 days. We have seen tons of waterfalls and lakes so we think Slovenia is a lot like what we have seen in the BO. We would love to see Croatia and surrounding areas. What can we see in 9 days. We would love to see Dubrovnik, Split and Korcula. Thanks!

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I think you would get some answers if your question was a little more clear. Are you asking for an exact itinerary? Or just some input on Croatia?... its beautiful.

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Sorry about that. We are planning on going to Croatia and countries near there, like Bosnia Montenegro, ect. We have nine days to see these countries. Would like to see Dubrovnik, Korcula and Split. We are thinking about spending a day in each town. We have seen tons of churches and museums on past trips, so we would just like to see the scenery. So we would have 5-6 days seeing other countries, thanks!

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closet place where i have any real experience is Bulgaria. Stunning country with lots of villages and one night stops. We used a private guide named Pavlina Docheva who did all the driving so we could look out the windows.