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Night train from Warsaw to Prague

My husband and I are planning a trip to Poland and Prague in November and have been considering taking a night train from Warsaw to Prague to save us some time and allow us to use more of our daylight hours enjoying each city. However, Rick's recent blog/Facebook post features his son, Andy, advocating against night trains. Any thoughts as to whether the particular night train we're thinking of taking is better or worse than catching a quick flight? We were thinking of doing a two-person private couchette and thought it would be a better alternative to spending a good chunk of the day flying (getting to the airport two hours early, then two hours for the flight itself, then two hours getting through customs and finding our hotel). Are night trains really all that bad? Does anyone have particular experience using a two-person couchette on the one we plan to take? Is there anything I could pack to make the experience more pleasant?

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Some people sleep good on trains, some don't. Your experience will depend on which category of people you belong to. If you want compartment for two people you have to buy first class. They will advise you at the station. There is no need to book from the States for November. Just buy it when you arrive to Warsaw.

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If it was me, I would fly. The flight from Warsaw to Prague is only an hour, and Warsaw Airport is not too far from the city center (an inexpensive cab ride, if I recall). What is your luggage situation? Especially if you're only carrying on bags, I see no reason why you couldn't have an almost-full day in Warsaw, take a later afternoon/evening flight, and be at your hotel in Prague in time for bed that night. Just my two cents.