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Prague or Krakow

I am going to Germany for 16 days and wanted to spend a week in Berlin the other week I am having trouble deciding if I want to spend a week in krakow or Prague. (using either the germany/che. rep. or germany/poland pass

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Hi Bryan,
Two people I know (early 20s and early 40s) went at different times with different travelling styles. They both liked Prague but LOVED Krakow because of the people!

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In summer, 2006 we spent a week in each place,
Prague and Krakow. I don't believe you can go wrong
as we loved them both. Krakow is less crowded, more
slow paced and the people more friendly. It may
also be slightly cheaper. However, Prague has more
to see. Our college age son was with us in Krakow
and enjoyed the nightlife. He wasn't along for Prague. Take your pick, both are fantastic.

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did you feel that a week was a good amount of time in Krakow? I am going to be by myself, but hopefully meeting new people in the hostel (the stranger) and i was kind of wanting to relax a little and ride a bike around etc. esp after leaving Berlin

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I would say that 3 days would be good for Krakow, maybe 4. A week would be too much time. Given a week's time, you could actually see both Krakow and Prague.

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Rick may be right that a week is too long in Krakow
if you want to be busy all the time. We used it as
a rest week between three busy weeks in Italy and
a month in England. However, there is a good 3 days of sightseeing in Krakow including a full day
at Auschwitz, a day in the Jewish quarter and a day
split between Old Town Square and Wawel.

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I agree that 3 days is enough to get the Krakow essentials but you could easily fill more time by taking another day trip, biking along the river, etc. I would check point-to-point rail fees before buying a pass, especially if you decide on Prague and not Krakow.

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I agree a week is enough for Prague (and Czesky Krumlov) and Krakow. But the sad thing, Bryan is that in those 16 days, you intend to spend 9 in Germany and seven of those in Berlin. Unless you have seen the rest of Germany, why not save Prague and Krakow for another time and SEE Germany, not just one city. At least stay a day in Dresden and a few other places then spend the last (or first) days in Prague and Czesky Krumlov) which is closer to Germany and thus shorter travel.

We have learned our lesson. No more short trip. We now do 3 weeks and confine ourselves to as little as one country and really see it.