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Great Guide in Prague

We used a private guide in Prague whom I want to recommend very highly! Her name is Eva Trkalova ( Eva speaks English very well, and brings the vast history of her city to life before your eyes... from centuries ago through the communist revolution in the late 80s of which she was a part. You can see the pride and hear the emotion in her voice as she tells about those days. As a US citizen, it was fascinating to hear about what life was like on the other side of the iron curtain. Man alive! We take so much for granted living in the USA! Eva is also an expert on the Jewish history of Prague and offers an outstanding tour of the Jewish Quarter! She even called us in advance to warn us that our trip would take place partially during a Jewish holiday and recommended that we modify our tour dates by one day so that we could avoid the closures that would occur because of these holidays. That bit of information alone was worth what we paid her!! We would have been so disappointed to show up expecting to tour certain sites only to have them closed due to a holiday we were unaware of.
Eva also explained the meaning of the statuary in the churches and throughout the city, and she also pointed out those subtle little nuances of treasures hidden here and there in any city. You know, the things that most tourists waltz right past and don't even realize are there, but that can add such richness to your experience if you just knew about them.
We did find that two full-day tours were a bit tiring. If we had to do it over again, we would have arranged three half-day tours... or ideally even four half-day tours. Don't sell Prague short!! There really are plenty of things to see and do in Prague. I wish we had built one or two more days into our itinerary for Prague! Bottom line... use Eva for your walking tours... you won't be disappointed!

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