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7 days in one city... which city.

A friend of mine wants to spend her 40th birthday in a European city next year. I have already been to London and Paris several times. I'm going to Italy in October. She seems pretty open to going to a different city than where I have already been. So... what city would you go to? She will only have 7 days to work with, since she's got a family trip already planned.

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I am just 40 and spent 3 months in Europe in 2002 and have been all over Eastern and Western Europe and Central America. Barcelona was the most amazing city I've ever been to. If I could only to one place again in my life, that'd be it.

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I love Berlin. Plenty to do and see and the public transportation makes it easy to get around plus accomdations are reasonable as well. My family spent a week in Berlin last year and we were busy every day.

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I wouldn't rule out Prague. Really beautiful, incredible architecture, and a compact enough centre to walk everywhere. Also much cheaper to live in than Barcelona (which is also great.)


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I recommend Prague - so much to see and do and the city is amazing.

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I would definately recommend Prague as well. Absolutely beautiful city with so much to do.

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I can advise istanbul becasue of historical, geografical and natural point of views. It can full all your 7 days. Also it is very cheep when compare with Europe.
You can find all you want on internet, do not hesisate to ask if any question you have.

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I have admittedly not travelled much in Europe, so my experience is limited (although I have a lot of experience in Latin America). A few years ago, my wife and I spent about 10 days in Stockholm. It was amazing. We were there in the summer when the festivals were going on -- one of the cleanest, most beautiful cities I have ever seen. You can also take the boats out to the archipelago -- awesome. We didn't have a bad day there.

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As you are going to Italy, we'd recommend Rome and Venice. Rome is chockfull of incredible places and fairly drips history and architecture. Venice is best savored in early morn and late aft/early evening (which means staying in Venice or nearby Mestre and exploring before and after the crowds).There is much to see there and Venice is one of the world's unique and special places.

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I'd say either Rome (though if your going to Italy in October, I'm guessing you more then likely visit Rome then) or Prague. Plenty to see and do in both cities. So, if you must choose only ONE city, I guess it comes down to the all important question: Beer or Wine? :)