# of days - Berlin/Vienna/Prague/Krakow/Budapest

I am trying to plan a trip to several cities, I am using a free ff ticket to travel and the airlines have changed their schedules so many times, I have had to keep reorganizing things. I am so frustrated, I have just spoken to the airline again and my schedule has been changed again and now some of my flights do not connect, In short, I have to cut some days out of some places. I am not on an open jaw ticket, so please do not tell me oh, from ? to ? you can take the train. I have flights between various cities as part of my free ticket. As a bare minimum how long should a first time visitor spend in each of these cities, I had worked out my itinerary but now I need to make some changes due to the flight schedules being changed, this is the best itinerary I can come up with based on the new flight schedule:-

Berlin - 2 and a half days.
Vienna - 3 days (one day trip to Melk planned)
Budapest - 3 days (is this too long)
Krakow - 2 days (will go to the salt mines for half a day) Prague - 2 days

This is not what I had planned orginally, I was going to spend longer in Berlin and Vienna, but now I can't any advice will be appreciated, I need to call the airline back to redo my free ticket asap.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Ilja
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IMHO all these cities need at least three days. OK, Krakow is the smallest, so maybe two but with side trips I would go for three.

Posted by Michael
Griffith, IN, USA
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Berlin/Prague/Vienna/Budapest would be my pick. Krakow is a bit out of the way and eats up a day with travel. That way you can add a day to Berlin and Prague.