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5 nights in Krakow and Poland Rail Pass??

HI, I will be staying in Krakow for 5 nights in October. I was wondering if I should get the Poland rail pass. I plan to go to Warsaw for day trip and possibly Wroclaw. Definitely will be doing day trip to Auschwitz, salt mine. and castle. Thanks in advance.

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You can check ticket prices on the Polrail site. Individual tickets will most likely be less expensive than a pass. Warsaw is 3 hours from Krakow so it would make for a very long day trip. Many nice hotels offer good rates on the weekend, so you might consider spending the night. Wroclaw is 5 hour journey by train from Krakow so not feasible as a day trip. Most people use the bus to get to Auschwitz rather than the train as it drops you closer to the site.

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I wouldn't bother with a rail pass. Probably less expensive to pay as you go. There is a good bus to Auschwitz, so no need to take the train. As for the salt mines, a bus as well. Although be very careful to get correct directions. There has been some changes in the last few years on where to catch the bus. And once you are on the bus, ask the driver or someone on board to let you know where to get off. We missed the stop and ended up riding out to the suburbs and back because nobody spoke English and we could not figure out where to get off. Not our brightest moment on that one. So we not only missed the salt mines, but wasted a morning. Eat at the milk bars. Super cheap, easy and a hearty great tasting meal. Krakow is lovely. My second favorite city in all of Europe.

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Hi, The train ticket prices in Poland are pretty cheap when compared to elsewhere, esp in western Europe. If your itinerary includes going to Warsaw, Wroclaw (Breslau), Krakow, etc., I would not recommend getting the Poland Pass. I use a RailPass but not for Poland.

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I would not recommend taking the train from Krakow to Auschwitz. The ride is longer than the bus ride, and the train station is not near the camp. I would also not recommend a day trip to Warsaw. If you go there, spend some more time. The express train takes almost three hours, and my train was delayed an hour at Krakow waiting for an inbound train (although I don't know that such delays are typical). Accommodations in Warsaw are cheap and there is enough to see to keep you busy for at least 1-2 nights. I normally stay in small European style hotels, but for $80/night (on a weekend) I could stay at the 5-star Marriott directly across from the train station, which I found very convenient. (Price included tax and a huge buffet breakfast).