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4 Week Trip to Greece

I'm planning a 4 week trip to Greece for my family for this summer. I have almost finalized the itinerary. I'm going to Athens, Crete, Santorini, Folegandros and Mykonos. I have 3 extra nights and I'm debating whether or not to go to Naxos. Any opinions? Also, if not Naxos, do you have any reccomendations for islands nearby, or within a not-too-long boat rides distance?

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I think that my answer would depend on how you are getting from place to place and how long you already have planned for each place. You may want to keep those days free and use them as needed. That being said, I enjoyed the three days spent on Naxos in the summer of of 2006. We rented a car and had all sorts of adventures all over the island. We also preferred the beaches there over some of the other islands. And although technically you asked about another island...I totally fell in love with the Pelopponese--especially Kalavryta and Napflio.

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Another vote for Napflio. With four weeks you should see some of the mainland. With kids, I'd consider Olympia and/or Delfi as well but perhaps you have done this on a previous trip.

Back to your question. We loved Naxos which is about the beaches and the wonderful sunsets. It is also a good buy compared to Santorini or Mykonos.

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We ended our trip years ago with a stay on Spetze, which had trips to Mycenae on the mainland which we liked. BTW when you're on Crete try to see the Samara (spelling?) at the western end of the island. It was very good. Years ago we took a boad to the town at it's southern end and then walked up to the narrows, turned around and walked back to catch the return boat.

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I agree - spend some time on the mainland, in the Pelopponese. Wonderful area in and around Nafplion. See Mycanae, Epidrovos Theater, Monemvasia....the list is endless.

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You should really try to go to Paros...It was one of our favorite islands 2 years ago and planning to go back in September. It is such a cute island to rent a car and drive around. Hope this helps you. Karen

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Naxos or Paros for beaches. Kids like beaches. I like beaches..

although for a four week trip I would just spend a week in each place,, you already have four on your list.

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I always wonder why people who are going to Santorini ALSO go to Mykonos ...are they brainwashed by cruise brochures??? Mykonos is famous for being famous; it got that way in the 1960s when Jackie O went there, and now the cruise lines keep hyping it because it is one of the few deep-water ports they can stop at. If you like to party hearty all night oK, but don't you say you have kids?

Skip Mykonos and then you'll have 5 days on Naxos --a true family island; beaches, mountains, ruins, hikes, flowers, greenery---and HALF as costly as dry,sere mykonos. PS I've been to greece 7 times--20+ islands, mykonos 2x naxos 7 times, this is not an opinion based on a one-time impression. For a look at naxos here's a slide-show from a friend:
...Mykonos has 5 windmills; Naxos has so much more.