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4 one week stays in europe

my wife and i are travelling to europe this may, and we know our first 2 weeks will be in holland and our last 2 weeks in england, but we need help picking 4 one week home base areas to make our trip special. suggestions please???

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You've picked two great hubs. Another nice one might be Vienna. You can be in a large number of to-see places within 2-5 hours - Munich, Salzburg, Slovenia, Venice, Budapest, Prague, Bled, Innsbruck, Switzeland, and much more.

A week in the Alps (based maybe in Interlaaken) could be great too. See Italy/Austria/Germany/France/Lichtenstein all in fairly easy travel distance. Just a couple suggestions. Sounds like a fab trip! :)

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Please provide more information with what you like. If not, you are going to get recommendations that may not be meaningful to you.

I am apt to recommend the following:
- Macedonia, Ukraine, Finland.

All wonderful places but a little off the beaten path - and I'm not sure that these are the places you had in mind. So, please take the time and effort to provide us with more input.

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John: I think your question has been misunderstood. The way I understand it, you want to have 2 one week stays in Holland in 2 different locations and then the same kind of plan in England, i.e.,. say, one week in London and one week somewhere else in England. Am I right?