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3 Young Women Traveling to Greece in Oct. 2010

I am planning a trip with my sister and a friend, we are all in are late 20's/early 30's and was wondering how safe it will be? We plan to fly in and out of Athens but then head to Santorini & Crete. This will be our first time to the area and with everything on the news we are wondering if this is a good idea or not. Any advice will help, thanks

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It's perfectly safe. Use the same common sense you use in any unfamiliar big city and you'll be fine. The events of the recent past are nothing that should ever affect a tourist. There's no way to predict the future, but if there is a demonstration going on in Athens just stay away. You won't experience anything of that nature on the islands.

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I was in Athens a few days ago (and specifically Syntagma Square) and everything was very peaceful. The demonstrations are usually localized to a fairly specific area so if there are problems, just stay away from those areas.

A few days ago when we visited the Acropolis, there was a large demonstration there, but it was also peaceful. The President of Greece passed by our group with his motorcade, and there were TV cameras everywhere. No problems at all.

Don't let the new reports keep you from visiting this wonderful area. I'm in Kardamyli tonight, and having a great time!

One comment though - in October the islands may be starting to "shut down" for the winter, so keep that in mind.

Happy travels!

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I just got back from Greece (May 18th) with no problems. The news media exaggerates things so much. If you want a WONDERFUL licensed Greek tour guide, contact Katia Mavrelli at:
Good luck!!