3 nights in Athens

My wife and I, along with two friends are spending 3 nights in Athens at the end of our cruise in September. Any help on an itinerary would really be appreciated.Thanks, Jack

Posted by janet
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Jack, rather than "reinvent the wheel" I cannot do better than to refer you to Rick Steves' own guidebook: "Athens and the Peleoponnese." Since u posted on his website, I'm assuming you like Rick's approach to travel & sightseeing. This guide is VERY detailed on what to do in Athens for 2 or 3 days ... including Step-by-step through the Acropolis & Ancient Agora and Arch. Museum. If you have an I-pod or similar I believe there's a free download of same also. What more can one ask?? Hie thee to a Barnes & Noble.

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We stayed at the Athens Central Hotel, so we had a pretty good location and a great price. Evenings were best spent having a jug of wine, any where on the street side. Cafe's on the Acropolis side of Monasteraki Square were well worth the time sitting and soaking up the sights. Day time? See Steve's list. The National Museum with Agamemnon's Death Mask was a high-light for me even if it wasn't his death mask. Impressive museum. The original home of the Olympics was worth the walk. I think my wife thought it the high-light of our Athen's touring. Oh, and don't miss one of the largest meat markets in Europe. Across the street from the vegetable market. On Athenian Street which runs along side the metro stop at Monasteraki Square. wayne iNWI

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Consider getting Rick's Mediterranean Cruise Ports book, it will probably help you on some of cruise stops as well as in Athens. We used it on a similar trip in 2011 and it worked great.