3 days - Budapest or Budapest plus Eger

We are planning a busy 4 week trip this summer and will hit Budapest, Vienna, Krakow and Prague over the first 13 days and thought it might be a good idea to throw a small city visit in there to break it up. We have 3 days alotted for Hungary.

Do we spend 3 days and 3 nights in Budapest or 1 day and night in Eger and 2 days and nights in Budapest?

Posted by Nicole
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I have spent extensive time in both cities and it really depends on what you want.

Eger is small and quaint with a great castle hill, the lyceum, and two beautiful cathedrals. I've spent weeks there at an annual conference over the past 4 years. I really enjoy it.

Why not do 2 days in Budapest and see if you are able to get to all the sites that you mostly want to see. If so, then go to Eger as a day trip on the 3rd day (or stay in Budapest and see more sites if you feel you want more time there). No need to spend a night there, it's no hot spot. A well planned day would be enough. It will be a nice little relaxing reprieve. Or you could do it as a day trip on your way to Budapest.

But do make sure you go to the baths in Budapest. That's my favorite thing to do!