3 castles outside of Prague

I am looking to fill a day trip out of Prague to one of the 3 castles That RS has in the book. If anybody has any recommendations I would appreciate some advice. I have been to Prague before and have done everything inside the city I want. I am staying in Kutna Hora one night already and will be seeing Auschwitz in Poland, so I would like to skip Terezin as I have been to numerous camps over Europe. If anybody could give me any info on these that has visited, it would help me decide. Thanks

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Hi from Wisconsin, Kutna Hora is pretty much a one pony show. Visit the ossuari and your done. Konopiste Castle is maybe the most complete castle interior you will ever find. It looks as if the arch-duke has just left for another kill and will return in the evening. But don't over look what Prague has to offer. You might be much better off having a few beers on patios in Prague while you gape at the architecture than running around claiming to have seen things. If you are a check list type of tourist, I bet you could rent a car and do Kutna Hora and Konopiste in a day. You wouldn't enjoy either, but you could check them off. Heck and throw in Czesky Krumlov. OK I exaggerate. If you are spending a week in Prague and have a few days for other sights I would list: Konopiste, Czesky Krumlov, and then Kutna Hora. An under appreciated and under visited city, at the other end of the Czech Republic is Brno. A university city so it is lively. And yet a very picturesque old town. And Gregor Mendel lived and did his work there.
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