2weeks in Greece...

my husband is currently deployed in iraq and we're planning on meeting up in the greek isles for his 2week leave in about 6months.

from what i'm reading, it seems that late sept-early nov is a fine time to go to greece as the majority of tourists have departed by this point in the season.
we are planning on hopping between the islands to fulfill my desire for relaxing on beaches and our mutual interest in history and exploring. are there any particular websites or bits of advice anyone can give me? as he's away, i hardly know where to begin to plan this trip!
i lived in italy years ago and the majority of my long term stays have been in france and the czech republic...greece is a new chapter for me!
thanks so much for your time, help, and guidance!
(if it helps: we are both very active, love a good adventure/hike and are always searching out the next incredible treasure of a meal! we're 29, no kids.) thanks!!

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You'll get the best and most suggestions and ideas for island hopping from T. Cook's "Greek Island Hopping". Once you've settled on some islands go to tripadvisor.com for more specific answers and hotel recommendations.

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You'll almost certainly be fine for relaxing on beaches in late September to mid October. After that the weather can be a bit more variable, although with climate change the last few years have seen warm autumns in Greece.

One piece of advice might be to start in Athens and work your way south towards Crete. That way you are moving towards the warmer weather.

A good website to start is Matt Barrett's Greek site. He's very readable and, in my experience, accurate. He has a breakdown of most, if not all, of the islands, plus loads more information and advice.


Once you've got a clearer idea of where you might go come back and someone here will probably be able to give more detailed info.

Have a great trip.


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Laura (from the Rome of the Ohio!) -- how good that you can meet your husband in such a beautiful country, for a healing restorative time together .. God keep him safe until you see him. Others have already given good advice. I add only that DO start in Late Sept if possible. If both of you are flying into and then Out of Athens, we often suggest if schedules work, fly immediately to your first island then "hop" via ferry back to Athens for your final 3 days or so. With this kind of strategy, you can easily enjoy 3 isles that contrast in landscape & ambience, plus Athens, without feeling rushed.

As for Guides, Greek Island Hopping is GOOD... gives a clear idea of which islands llink up the most easily, time-wise. For a good VISUAL overview, couple it with a look at HK's "EYEWITNESS:the Greek Islands", concise, graphic view of each isle's highlights. Browse both at Barnes & Noble-- then u might even get both at your excellent Pub. Library; if it's last year's edition OK, you're not using them for meal prices. To combine with guidebooks, here's another good online overview, by a Greek guy your age, well-organized, visual profile of each islands' main attractions: http://www.greek-islands.us/

We look forward to you coming back to us with some of your choices!