Will this plan work for Athens/Rome?

Any thoughts on this plan are appreciated.
Arrive Athens May 12 5:35 pm - crash at hotel May 13 and 14th sites in Athens May 15 Drive ourselves Corinth Bridge, Mycenae, Nafplio, working our way to Epidaurus. This portion may overflow into May 16th.. we just have to Depart Athens 4:15 p.m. Arrive Santorini 5:00pm Depart Santorini May 19th 7 a.m., arrive Rome 10 am. Get checked in hotel and wander Rome that evening May 20 - Vatican 9:00a.m (is booked) May 21- look around Rome May 22- would LOVE to take trains to Pompeii/Mt. Ves (know it will be a FULL day) May 23 Rome (maybe Borghese Gardens- waiting to firm up if we're doing Pompeii before reserving time) Depart Rome 8:15 am Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have on this plan. We posted here last year on a different trip and received genuine, knowledgeable and helpful comments. (We are a family of 4- 2 kids ages 11/12 who LOVE historical and have studied Greece/Rome this year.)

Posted by Amy
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Hey, Melissa, why not consider a day trip to Ostica Antica rather than that long trip to Pompeii. I have to say that our trip there was a highlight of our five days in Rome a couple of summers ago. It will give you some more room in your schedule and I it's just a wonderful site.

Posted by Ash
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Melissa, looks like a good plan. If you have to choose, definitely see the Borghese and Ostia Antica. I actually like Ostia better than Pompeii. Since Ostia was simply abandoned rather than destroyed the ruins are more intact.