25th Anniv. Trip

The wife and I have never been to Europe, however we want to go next Spring for our 25th ann. We will have 7 full days. Can anyone suggest an itenerary?

Posted by Tom
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First time to Europe? 3 days in London, 4 days in Paris. And congratulations.

Posted by JER
Seattle, USA
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If you are looking for a great, memorable romantic way to celebrate your 25th, let me suggest making a reservation at one of the two restaurants in the Eiffel Tower. The lower one, Le 58 Tour Eiffel, is the less fancy of the two; Le Jules Verne, higher up, is Michelin starred and much pricier. You will need to reserve either one well in advance. Is the food the best in Paris? Frankly, no. But how can you beat the location??

I took my parents for their 50th anniversary to Le 58 and they loved it--it didn't matter to them that it wasn't the hautest cuisine. www.paris-trip.com has a tour where they pick you up at your hotel, you get dinner at Le 58, and a night boat tour up the Seine. That's exactly the itinerary I took my parents on, as it happens, so you might want to check it out. (I can't personally vouch for them, since I made the reservations myself for the restaurant and the boat tour. But since it's your first time to Europe, letting somebaody else take care of those things for you might be just the ticket.)

Posted by jack
Sheboygan, Wisc., USA
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Id fly into Venice 2 days,Florence 2 days and Rome 3 days all by train.

Posted by Mike
Tampa, FL, USA
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I agree with Tom. London is an easy first time to Europe destination and Paris is a dream. Both cities have tons to see and will not disappoint. Plus, I personally can not think of a more romantic destination than Paris, strolling the banks of the Seine.

Be warned though, you just say "spring" and it can be chilly/ rainy in Europe, depending on when in the spring you mean.

Posted by janet
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Jeff, we u nderstand that you will want to be going on or round the date of your actual Anniversary.

For your sake, I hope that date is in May, or at Least April. I've been in both cities in May, and it can be ideal.... for one thing --- the days last foRevvver in Paris in May --- unbelieveable.... Not totally dark until 9:45 or so, and the last hour, the most amazine "lavender" light .... I think they call it "l'heure bleu." Magical.

Posted by Chad
Chicago, IL, USA
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London and Paris are fine choices, but my vote is for something a bit more exotic, such as Prague and Cesky Krumlov. Despite the throng of tourists, I found Prague to be more romantic than Paris. A visit to Cesky Krumlov is like stepping back in time. The town is very charming. You can't go wrong with London & Paris, but my choice would be Prague and a couple days in Cesky Krumlov. Have fun & congratulations!

Posted by Janis
Grapevine, TX, USA
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My first question would be -- Are there places in Europe where you've always wanted to go???
Paris would always be our 1st choice, but Santorini or Mykonos in May would be a close second. A beautiful, private place in Oia in Santorini overlooking the Aegean, the caldera & the volcano is very hard to beat. My husband and I can't wait to return!

Posted by Glenn
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada
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London and Paris for first timers sounds like an excellent plan to me, especially if you only have 7 days. Personally I would go to Switzerland as well, but you won't have the time to do it all. Stick with London and Paris and you'll have a great 25th!

Posted by Charlene
Centennial, CO, US
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I agree with Brad. I'd spend the week in just one place, and Paris would be a lovely choice. Although another good option might be Venice. I'd suggest reading through some guidebooks and seeing what sounds most appealing to you.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I would do the entire seven days in an apartment in Paris. One flight to get there, no other flights or check-in/out hassles - you can just relax and enjoy Paris at a decent (romantic) pace. See the sights you want, eat at cafes, stroll through gardens (more than likely nicer weather in Paris than London), cruise the Seine at sunset and have lots of time alone together.

Posted by Sharon
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A third vote for an apartment in Paris! To see the options take a look at www.VRBO.com. There are other rental agencies as well but this is one that we've used with success.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jeff, I agree with the first reply. London and Paris would be good choices. Use open-jaw flights, so that you don't have to return to London for the trip home. However, it would help to know if there are any places that either of you have dreamed of visiting? What prompted your desire to visit Europe at this time? I suspect that will have a bearing on which places you choose to visit. Venice and Rome would also be good choices, but especially Rome will present more of a "culture shock". As this is your first trip to Europe, I'd HIGHLY recommend pre-reading "Europe Through The Back Door" before you depart. It will give you some idea on the "differences" that you'll encounter. Also, you might want to have a look at Guidebooks for London and Paris (if that's where you choose to go), to get some idea on what sights you want to see while there. With only a VERY SHORT 7-days for the entire trip, plan your touring carefully so that you don't waste ANY time! Finally, congratulations!!! That's a great milestone to reach. Cheers!

Posted by Suzanne
Portland, Oregon, USA
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I agree with the London/Paris idea! Great cities, and fabulous for Europe 101! Take the Eurostar through the Chunnel from London to Paris to further add to the adventure. Congrats! Have a great trip!

Posted by Ilja
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If you consider all Europe then I agree with the majority here. London and Paris. You cannot do more comfortably in seven days. But because the question is under East, then I agree with Chad; Prague and Cesky Krumlov. Also Greek Islands especially Santorini are beautiful (and warm even in spring).

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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I will chime in on the side that says first figure out what thrills you or your wife. London/Paris is certainly a good choice; Amsterdam/Paris is as well; or Amsterdam/Rhine(Mosel) is too, or Maybe Rome/Venice. Each are do-able trips and for a first trip I think I would do two regions, just to get a variety and get the "taste" of travel (having to find different hotels, figure out the train system, experience a foriegn language, etc.) All of this comes with a personal warning. My wife and I waited until our twentieth anniversary to go to Europe...only to find ourselves going back every two years or so.

Posted by Debbie
Delray Beach, FL, USA
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I agree; London (for first-timers)has so much to see and take the Chunnel to Paris + Versailles and Monet's home. It will be wonderful.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Lots of great advice there, Jeff. Just remember that 7 days sounds like a lot but, trust me, it is not! First day will be arriving overnight and fighting jetlag. Every time you sit down you will want to sleep. And your meal times will be all off. You should stay outside absorbing sunshine (if any) the first day. So that's one day, including getting familiar with local transport options and finding and checking in at your hotel. So the fewer the destinations the better in just a week, or you will waste time unpacking and packing and travelling and checking out and checking in. London and Paris good reliable suggestions. If you are there between very late April and mid May Keukenhof Gardens just south of Amsterdam will blow you away unless you don't like tulips, and Amsterdam is great. I know its your first Europe and you might not want to be so exotic but a few days in a nice small hotel with a suite overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice is hard to beat for romantic. That's where I took my wife for our 30th. ^ - ^ - ^ As it is your first time, I'm sure you want to shoehorn all of Europe into one week. Please don't. One or two places reasonably connected will be plently. Ok, >Max< 3.

Posted by Carol
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
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Pais! Paris! Wonderful sights, wonderful aritecture, wonderful food, wonderful wine, and each other! Congrats!

Posted by Helene
Brentwood, ca, USA
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I personally loved Croatia and Solvenia. Its cheaper to travel there has voted the top Lakes in world, and caves, plus Dubrovnic. Cant beat that...well Turkey beat that...But Paris and London are fun also...