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international drivers license

Do I need an international drivers license to drive in croatia? How about from Croatia to Montengro?

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Actually, it is a permit, not a license. It is an internationally recognized document that indicates that your license is valid, and provides a translation so the police officer can understand that. You are still required to have your license on you. Imagine you were a police officer in the US and the person you pull over, pulled out a scrap of paper from Moldavakistan saying it was a license? Might cause an issue. That said, Needed? Rental agencies will not likely ask or require. Nothing in the car requires insertion or scanning of the IDP to operate the vehicle. In the event of an accident...totally up to the officer responding if he will give you grief. If you speak fluent ?Croatian? ?Montengroen? then probably not an issue. Regardless, you don't need it until you need it (like insurance) Otherwise, check out the State Dept. site or AAA. For less than $20, probably a safe choice.

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We always get one. I read where one couple (I

don't remember the country) that had an accident
and the police took their DL. So best to get
one. Only $10 at AAA.

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I've driven all over Europe many times on our 12 trips there in the past 7 years and never had or needed one.

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We have lived and traveled all over Europe. I would NEVER go there without the license. I have seen too many things happen including friends having accidents. The last time we were in Germany we were next to a bad accident on post in Stuttgart. The cost is so little.