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4 days in Prague

What would you do with 4 days in Prague or is this too much?

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I recommend picking up Rick Steves' book on Prague and the Czech Republic. You can spend probably a couple weeks in Prague and the region and still not come close to seeing everything.

However, I guess that is true with anywhere...

Also check out wikitravel's page on it:

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I would suggest taking a day trip to Karlstejn Castle...approximately 20 minutes by train outside of Prague. There is a very small town (we have friends that live there) and the castle. We stayed in Karlstejn about 3 days and loved it. Very interesting little town.

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We just spent 4 days (& 5 nights)in Prague at the end of July. There's lots to do, too much for 4 days, in fact. The best guidebook imho is one by AAA, of all things; it's wonderful. Knopf makes the definitive city guide, but it weighs over a pound. You won't spend a bored moment.

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James: Not too much time. I have visited Prague and read others comments on it for 20 years. I would plan a week there if you can afford it.

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check out rick steves' book re cesky krumlov. it is probably 2 hours from prague. it is a charming little town to visit for the day.

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We spent a week there a couple summers back which
was fine if you want a lesuirely pace. I think
4 days would be just about right if you just want
to see the highlights.

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We will be in Prague in October and a day trip to Kutna Hora is high on our list.

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You can definately fill 4 days in Prague. There is so much to do (ofcourse depending on your interests). I do definately recommend getting Rick Steves's Czech republic book, I just came back from Prague and it would have been hard without it. The Castle quarter is worth a half a day. The new town - Rick Steves has a self guided walk in the book, it was very good. The new town could take a half a day, or a day depending on how many musuems you visit and if you shop (this is the best area in Prague for shopping). In this area I would take the half hour and see Frank Gehry's "dancing house", its very interesting to see! I definately recommend the Mucha Musuem. VERY good. Then there are the Jewish quarter (half a day to a day), the little quarter I wouldn't miss- no real sites there (except the Lennon wall which I really enjoyed seeing)but lovely part of town, lots of resturants. Charles bridge and the old town. In 3 days I was able to do all of this in a rush.

I hope that helps, if you have any questions let me know! Happy travels:)

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Consider Konopiste Castle, about an 1.5 hours away by train. Konopiste was Franz Ferdinand's family home & is lavishly decorated with is hunting spoils.

BTW, we enjoyed Konopiste more than Karlstejn, but Karlstejn certainly has a more dramatic landscape.

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4 days is definately not too much. Prague is a wonderful city with tons to do. I spent 5.5 days there and didn't feel like I did half of everything. The castle area took me a whole day to explore as did the Old Town area. I also took a day trip out to Kutna Hora, which I highly recommend. Although that would only leave you with 3 days in Prague... I would buy the RS guidebook. Also go to your library and check out some videos and books too so you can figure out what interests you in Prague.