2 weeks in Greece where would you stay...

We have two and half weeks to stay in Greece. Thinking half week in Athens, then Santorini and perhaps Mykonos.

Thank you for any input.

Posted by Jeff
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I am also planning a trip to Greece and from what I have heard, 2 to 3 days in Athens are enough (unless you are really, really, into museums). Santorini and Mykonos are both very popular islands with lots of tourists. I'd suggest spending a few days on one of the less touristy islands to relax. Naxos, and Paros can be reached easily from either San or Myk. You did not mention what time of year you are going. July and August are very busy. Late May - June, and Sep - early Oct should still have good weather while being less crowded.


Posted by Christine
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I would add Napflio to your list and follow the advice of the previous poster who mentioned Naxos. Also, while in Santorini, I would make Oia my base.

Posted by Viv
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Thank you both for your replies...

Because of the time we need to travel (Children in school) we will be in Europe a little over 6 weeks starting mid June. Summer of 09. Greece will be our last stop. After a lot of sightseeing in Paris(3-4 days we have been here before and kids wanted to see it) and Italy for three weeks this will be our "relaxing" part of the trip. (after seeing Athens for a few days that is) Oia is a definite. However Mykonos isn't. Please help with places to stay that would be good for children on the other islands you mentioned.
Thank you for your help

Posted by Paul
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If you want true relaxation, consider a day or so in Athens, on to Mykonos for a couple nights, then stop at Naxos to catch a ferry to Koufonisia. It is a small island off the main path where the only thing there is beach, probably some of the best in Greece. 4 to 6 days would be good, then a quick stop in Santorini. Other places to look at would be Crete and the Mainland, Nafplio is nice, otherwise ancient sites would be the attraction.

Posted by janet
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VIv, as you add info, appropriate advise changes. Now it appears that your Greece will be late July, hottest weather, AND High Season for Europeans: big crowds tough booking. How old are 'kids'? teenage? it matters!

I advise 2 days in Athens at start, 1 at end. Take fast-ferry to Santorini, 3 days. Then skip Mykonos it's more of same & prices just as high. Look at Naxos -- 12 mi. of white sandy beaches! Ag. Prokopios beach has plenty of family accom, (apts w. kitchenettes), busses to/from Naxos town every 30 mins til 1 am. Plenty of hiking, water sports, antiquities, Old town agora & high fortresses, great inland scenery for 1-day drive. For highlights view this great slide show --

If u want for last 2-3 days, hop next door to Paros, also good beaches (not as accessible). Blue star "dinner ferry" at 6 pm gets u back to Piraeus by 11:30, cab to Athens Plaka hotel by midnight.

Posted by Jeff
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Hey Viv,
Take a look at Matt Barrett's website, www.greektravel.com this was a big help for me with my planning. He does a good job describing the pros and cons of each island, and also has recommendations on places to stay.

I am going this May - June. I am planning to go to Crete, Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, and Athens. I'd be happy to give you an update on these places when I return.


Posted by Bill
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Let me add my vote for Naxos...I haven't been yet, but we have Greek neighbors who recommend it. We are traveling for 22 days beginning Sep 21 in Israel (eight days), then Mykonos, 3 days, Naxos 3 days, Santorini, 3 days and finishing up in Athens.