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2 weeks in Greece in July w/ 2 teenagers!

Hello! I'm planning a family trip to Greece (after 2 weeks in Turkey, including Ephesus) and want some advice.

We have 3 full days in Athens and would consider travelling by city-bus to Delphi for a day-trip. Then, drive around the Peloponnese to see Nafplio and nearby ruins, Hydra, Gythio, Mani and Messina peninsulas, Olympia and Dimitsana and back to Athens.

Another possiblity is island (Aegina, Hydra?) day-tripping from Athens, tour Dimitsana before Olympia, drive to Delphi, and back to Athens.

Is Delphi worth the time? Also, which island is preferred?


Another possiblity is to see an island on a day trip while we're in Athens, and then drive to Dimitsana before Olympia, and then go to Delphi via Patra (4 hours of driving)

Does anyone have suggestions on which island to go to? I'm still thinking of Hydra. And small pensions to stay in? Is Delphi worth the extra time to get to it?

Thank you

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How much time do you have in Greece? Three full days in Athens - two should be spent in Athens, especially with kids. Delphi is spectular and a stay over night would be preferable. Please say you haven't booked a trip to Greece without spending any time on an island - Mykonos? Santorini? Naxos? Milos? Sifnos? Hydra and other "nearby" islands are OK but not the same thihng

You're leaving out key stops in the Peloponsese - Ancient Corinth, Corinth Canal, Mycanea, Napflion, Epidravos. I would recommend visiting these. Should take three-four days, depending on how "hyper" you travel. We did it comfortably in three days but without kids. Don't try to do too much.

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Yes, we came to our senses and now our plans include Naxos, but we had to cut 3 days out of our Turkey travels. While in Athens, we'll stay and explore the city, and only possibly go to Sounion via bus if we need a diversion.

These are our current plans:
3 days Istanbul; flight to Antalya last night
1 day Antalya/Termessos
1 day Elmali market/Arykanda/Kas (inland route to Finike)
1 day Patara (beach and ruins)
2 days Fethiye
1 day Selcuk (Ephesus in the afternoon and museum next morning)
1 day Samos
3 days Naxos
3 days Athens
3 days Nafplio (seeing either on the way to Nafplio, or as day trips: Ancient Corinth, Corinth Canal, Mycanea, Epidravos)
2 days Monemvasia (in the castle!)
1 day Mystras
2 days Pylos or Methoni
1 day Olympia
1 day Delphi

I'm still a bit concerned about the driving, but I hope that we have added enough "staying put and explore" time into the plans.

Any suggestions are appreciated! I'm currently working on plans for the Methoni area (w. finger of Peloponnese), Sparta (by the Mystras in the Peloponnese), as well as Fethiye in Turkey.


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Hi Sue
We did a similar trip last June in reverse with 2 teens. Sounds like you are using Athens as a home base which I would highly recommend and NOT spending the entire 3 days in Athens. We were itching to move on after a day and half but had a flight so we had to stay put. Wished we would have done a day trip away from the city. We stayed on Santorini for 4 days and then Samos 1 day, Ephesus 3 days (with a day trip for windsurfing), then Istanbul (fantastic!) 4 days. Sorry I can't give you more input but didn't spend time anywhere that you are needing info on, but have fun!