2 TL to mail a postcard Istanbul to US?!

Just checking to make sure it really costs 2 Turkish Lira to mail a postcard to the US...Alarmed when 20 stamps cost twice as much as a bag of groceries. Can anyone confirm? (At least the food is cheap and the fresh veggies delicious!)

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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Well, it costs 96p to mail a postcard from the UK to the US and unless I have worked it out wrong (which is a distinct possibility!) I think that's about the same. Better to have the veggies, then, lol.

Posted by Tom
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2 Turkish lira = $1.13 US Postal rate for sending a postcard to Turkey = $1.05 Doesn't look like the Turkish postal system is overcharging us.