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2-3 Days in Poland

My husband and I have a layover in Poland, which I can extend the layover to 2-3 day. (Actually deciding on this or Copenhagen for our transfer). We will flying into and out of Warsaw. We love history, architecture, and good food So advise would be helpful. What is better, to stay in Warsaw and day trip to Krakow, vice versa, or to stay overnight in both places. I would like to visit Auschwitz on this trip if possible.


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Depends on how many nights total you have in Poland. If 3, stay 1 night in Warsaw and 2 in Krakow. If only 2 nights and your heart is set on Auscwitz, try and spend both nights in Krakow.

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Krakow is too far for a daytrip from Warsaw, and a daytrip to Krakow to Auschwitz occupies most of an entire day. I personally found that I ran out of things to see in Krakow after one anda half days, but I seriously under-budgeted my time (only two nights) in Warsaw.

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Krakow is highly rated.

Malbork Castle is a three hour train ride (according to their website) from Warsaw, I can't imagine a better historical site.

Gdansk is another 45 min. past Malbork and is also worth seeing (but Krakow would be higher on my priority list).

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Malbork is a tremendous castle/ museum. It is futher from Warsaw than you think. They are working on train lines (major construction for high speed) and the delays last summer were lengthy. (It could double the time.) I have heard that the line between Warsaw and Krakow is now faster than it has been. Both cities are very memorable. I liked the energy in Warsaw and could have spent longer. Krakow is however, magical and it is more than the sum of its parts. If you want to see Auschwitz I would overnight in Krakow, just the wrenching nature of that place makes you need to recover in a positive place:) Either way I vote to see Poland. It's just incredible.

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I was in Krakow last summer for 3 days and could have done it in 2...........Aushwitz is a must (but a drive to Oshwiem to get there, plan on all day - there is also the Wavel Castle to see in Krakow. Have a good time!

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We spent nine days in Warsaw and seven in Krakow and didn't tire of either place. Can you work at least one more day into this layover?

I think to appreciate Warsaw you really need to educate yourself about the history, particularly WWII. Don't miss the Historical Museum of Warsaw which includes a movie showing footage the Nazis took on their way out, blowing up the city as they went. Also don't miss Wilanow Palace and Lazienki Park. Lots of people, especially the 35-and under crowd speak English so try to talk with them. We found them very friendly and even managed to get ourselves invited to the University Choir's end-of-school year BBQ. As for food, people either love or hate Eastern European fare, personally I love pierogies and everything that goes with them. It is heavy on the meat too.

I took a "tour" from Krakow to Auschwitz, booked through the TI, which amounted to a semi-private taxi drive there and back. Keep in mind if you book some kind of "big bus" tour to Auschwitz there is a growing dislike for that format -- too many people do not treat the experience as it should be treated, its just the next stop on their day trip (they often do the salt mines in half day and Auschwitz the other half). And to be honest as much as I wanted to see Auschwitz, and recommend you go if it is important to you, keep in mind it ruins your day in a way because its difficult to move on to anything joyous after that. So don't count on doing much else that day.

Enjoy Poland, its wonderful!