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1st class train,munich to prague,Prague to Budapest,Budapest to Zegreb

How are the 1st class trains for those cities, has any one experienced those trips 1st class and how are the conditions, food, restrooms, comforts ? would we (2 of us) be better off by plane or car. My first attempts and flights seem to be very expensive, and car dropoff fees seem very high. thanks for any thoughts

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the german train 2nd class is still way better than trains in the US. no need to go with 1st class. czchec train is not as speedy and sleek but very comfy. haven't tried hungarian train yet, but i'd expect it to be similar to czhec's. the buses are cheaper and can be faster sometimes, perfectly fine no need to fly unless you score a low fair.

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I can confirm David's information. 1st class trains (better said carriages, because trains usually have 1st and 2nd class cars) between your cities are upscale. You won't suffer. Most international trains have restaurant car. All of them obviously have restrooms.

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1st class is ideal if you are a business traveler and you need to get work done in transit. Otherwise, 2nd class is more than adequate for most traveler's needs

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From Prague to Budapest 1st Class: less people, less noise, more relaxation, a place to plug in and charge your ipod, and no one looking at you as all the seats face 1 way. There were maybe 5-6 people in there the whole time.

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Hi, 1st class? no thank you. I forget the exact amounts, but we paid maybe the equivalent of $15 each for a ride from Budapest to Brno. The seating compartment next to our 2nd class compartment was 1st class and inhabited by English speakers. They had paid $40 each? And for that they got bench seats that were 5 or 6 inches further apart than ours. YIKES. Once, while the volcano was erupting in Iceland and train travel was unexpectedly busy. We booked reserved seats. When we got to the compartment, two older native ladies were already in the seats...what's a polite traveler to do? we sat away from the window seats we reserved. wayne iNWI

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Jeff, you are aware that the fastest route from Munich to Prague is a train to Nurnberg and a bus from there to Prague. It is an hour faster than any train schedule.

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thnak you for the help, we will look into the Nurnburg route