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European East Rail Pass

We will be traveling to Eastern Europe in September for 23 days. I began adding up each of the tickets we will need to purchase, and the total for 2 adults in second class came to over $1000 (this was based on prices I looked up on Rail Europe's website)!

The major cities we will be traveling between are: Prague to Krakow overnight, Krakow to Eger (via Budapest first) overnight, Eger to Budapest, Budapest to Ljubljana, Klagenfurt to Vienna, Vienna to Cesky Krumlov, and Cesky Krumlov to Prague.

I just found a European East Pass on Rail Europe, which covers the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. The only portion of our trip the pass wouldn't cover is from the border at Hungary to Ljubljana. We will be renting a car after Ljubljana and drop it off a few days later in Klagenfurt.

So, am I missing anything here? I believe that with the pass I will have to pay supplements for the overnight trains, but other than that, it seems to be an awesome deal ($228 in second class for 5 days in 1 month; $30 for each additional day). Does anyone have any insight? Is there some sort of catch?

Thanks for any help!


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I think that's the price I found myself on line as well. I think the "catch" is that some people might not use the pass for 5 days, but less, so the the railways companies make money anyway.
If you are going to be in Eastern Europe for 23 days, I assume that you will need a pass for more than 5 days. has good deals on flight before September, something.I don't remember the exact date.