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Prague Guides

Anyone used Jana Hronkova in Prague? See good reviews of others but none (good or bad) of her.

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We always do walking tours in Prague. They are always,in our opinion, the best way to see the city.

If you would like the name of the group we used, I would be happy to look it up for you. One tour even included a lunch and a short ride on the river.

We love Prague but always stay at Pension Lida outside the city. Love it there and easy to get to the city PLUS places to eat are cheaper!

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Jana Krátká (Reichlová)

Mobile phone: (+420) 776 571 538
SKYPE: honza&jana, kartas76


Here's the guide portion from my excessively long trip report-

"The next morning our guide Jana arrived at our apartment. Rick suggests a guide by the name of Sarka. Of course she was booked solid. She has a small tour guide business suggested Jana. We arranged in advance to spend two consecutive mornings with her. She met us at our apartment and we took the tram into town where she took us to a cute little café. There we sat down and she gave us a brief history of Prague as well as an interesting lesson on the architecture we would be seeing. Then she listened to what our interests were and what it was that we really wanted to see. We decided on a brief overview of two town sections each morning. Jana (pronounced Yana) was awesome. Some guides are very knowledgeable and some are very personable, Jana was both. She was entertaining and was able to answer all our questions, of which we asked quite a few. I’m not sure how to explain it, but with some guides it’s like you’re on a ride at Disney World. It’s enjoyable but you always have that feeling that you’re on a fixed narrow path with no deviation allowed. With Jana you could tell she wasn’t reading through some preplanned script in her mind but rather she just enjoyed talking about her beautiful city. We didn’t feel like we were just “that day’s clients” but felt more like we were her friends that she was showing around while we were in town. After we finished with each morning’s tour she then gavgave us hints for what to do that afternoon, including places to eat and where to shop. I believe we gave her the US equivalent of $100 total for the four of us for what was supposed to be eight hours of touring. In reality it was closer to nine or ten I would think. All four of us gave Jana two thumbs way up!