15 Day tour

Hi- My husband and I recently signed up for a 15 days Eastern Europe Highlights tour which includes Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, and Warsaw. Our tour is in early March. Any suggestions on how the weather will be or what we should pack? Am I gonna need a wool coat? This is my first trip to this region and I'd love to hear some feedback, tips, advice..
Thanks - Katie

Posted by Charlie
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I am jumping to the conclusion that your tour is not a RS tour. I took his Eastern Europe tour in 2008 and found his book on Eastern Europe as real asset. If you don't already have it, get one. We really did enjoy that part of Europe after spending a month in western Europe every summer up until that trip. Happy travels.

Posted by Lee
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It's going to be freezing then. You are DEFINITELY going to need warm clothes. The trick is to take things you can comfortably layer plus some lightweight thermal underwear.

Posted by Tom
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March weather in most of those places can be either the last gasps of winter or cool spring weather. Don't go overboard with a heavy coat, you'll be too warm inside of buildings. In addition to layering, don't forget a scarf, hat and gloves. Bring some warm socks, but in case it warms up, bring normal socks as well.