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13 Day Turkey Tour or 11 Day Village Turkey Tour - Which One

I have never been to Turkey and do not know much about the country, but I would like to go. Not sure which tour I should go on. The 13 day Turkey tour or the 11 Day Villiage tour. Both look interesting of course, but not sure how to go about researching which one to go on. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to choose one of the tours? If anyone has been on either tour, what were some of things you did or saw that impressed you? Has anyone been on both tours and what did you think of them or how would you compare them. Which one is a must see if you could only choose one tour. Thank you for your suggestions and advice.

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We took the 13 day tour last summer and enjoyed it and it was our first trip to Turkey. I liked the place and the people. I see the 11 day tour only spends 1 night in Istanbul where we spent a total of 9 nights (2 tour - 7 our own). If you decide on the 11 day, try to spend more time in Istanbul, especially before the tour starts and then maybe after the tour is over if you have the time. My wife says she would like to go back and take the 11 day tour to which I can certainly agree. We are about to take our 9th RS tour.

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Have you considered the Istanbul in 7 Days city tour? I took that tour and loved everything about it. As the trip ended it became apparent that we would not be able to leave due to the eruption of the volcano. We formed a group of 6 and went to Cappadocia for 2 days and one night. We flew Turkish Air to Kayseri and the tour was almost identical to the two days on the RS tour in this area. We stayed at the Old Greek House in Urgup. Whichever tour you decide on is guaranteed to be a lifetime memory. One trip leaves Istanbul and you travel on the night train to Ankara..that should be interesting. If you go to Cappadocia, you will have an opportunity to go up in a hot air balloon for an additional charge. I've always regretted not doing that
and hope to return.

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Hi Ann, This is Gokhan fromTurkey ?zmir ;) and istanbul too. I would like to help and support you to choose the most suitable one for you
Please let me know your interests and what kind holiday you like? and the time when you are planning to visit, wellcome in advance,,

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The country and it's people are fabulous. As another OP asked would you consider the 7 day tour of Istanbul. Took it this spring. Provides such a memorable first impression! Great experience. Incredible city! Incredible! Toured opened my eyes to Turkish culture, their unique history, wonderful food, etc. Also caused me to yearn to see more of the country. Whichever tour you choose I don't think you'll go wrong!

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I took the 7 day Istanbul tour earlier this year (with Claudia, as it happens- Hi Claudia!) and LOVED it. At the end of the tour Mert, our fabulous guide, recommended the Village tour- said it was great- so I'm going on that in October. Next year I plan on doing the 13 day tour. I don't think you'll be disappointed whichever option you choose- but I think if it's your first time in Turkey, maybe go for the 13 day tour as you will see more of Istanbul- it's a fabulous city. Let us know what you decide!

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Are you going by yourself or with a friend. If with a friend, I'd save some money and travel without a tour. My wife and I visited Turkey last May. Our trip was arranged by Argeus Tours at They arranged our hotels, transport to and from airports, car rental, and hotels. Otherwise we were on our own to explore places to see and places to eat without being part of a large group. We visited Istanbul, flew to Cappadocia area and rented a car for 2 days, flew to Izmir to see Ephesus by car. Total cost (not including airfare to Istanbul) was $1100 per person ($2000 with air from west coast). Just a thought.

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Ann - We had to make the same decision last year... We eneded up going on the 13 day tour to get a taste of different regions. We really liked Cappadoccia as well as all the stops. The highlight of the trip had to be the balloon ride (and to think I didn't want to go on it). I think we made the right decision because our first trip to Turkey was a good overview and I would love to go back. Am considering the 11 day tour or travel on our own to the same areas. Whatever you decide, spend some extra time in Istanbul. It's well worth it.

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While I believe Istanbul is worth 7 days- loved this beautiful city-I would opt for one of the tours you originally asked about with a few days on my own in Istanbul. We took the 13 day Turkey tour and it was one of our best tour trips. Loved the people, the food, culture etc.. Istanbul does introduce you to the Turkish culture but we found there was such a diversity of experiences as we toured the other regions. I'd compare it to seeing only New York City and thinking I had learned about the US.
I don't think you'll be disappointed whichever you choose.

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Hi Ann, I can sympathize with your difficulty in deciding. In terms of the Turkey tour, I personally would really like to see Cappodocia and try the Hot Air Balloon ride. But, I did the Village. So, I'm not sure which I would pick either. So, when trying to pick I think about several things..... Here's some things to consider: (1) Budget (2) Where (country/region) do I want to visit? (3) Also, length of tour. I figure that if I spend all that money and time to get all the way 'across the pond' I want to see as much as possible. So, I always try to pick longer tours. Can you do the longer tour? Or, are you planning on adding in your own days before or after the tour? That may influence your choice.
(4) Amount of time in country versus city and museums versus people watching (5) Amount of time on the bus (e.g., are there LOTS of long bus days)? It seems that the Best of Turkey has some longer days than the Village Turkey. (6) Transportation/Connections from where the tour begins/ends may also factor in. I haven't been to Turkey yet (although that's probably where I'm heading in 2012). FWIW, I've heard that Bodrum can be sort of a 'party' town. Just more things to think about while you decide. Hope this helps. :) Edited (for, frankly, a bunch of stupid mistakes).

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How can you possibly go wrong with either tour? The Turkey in 13 days tour was excellent with an exposure to big cities and small villages. Incredible history, warm hospitality extended by young and old and healthy delicious foods to boot. The balloon ride over Cappadocia is a must on our next visit as we declined the first time. Dang. The village tour is enticing and would no doubt be brilliant as well. Suggest spending additional time in Istanbul before your tour as there is so much to see and despite the size it's easy to navigate and remarkably clean.

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Thank you everyone! There was a lot of good information and I will really think about what I want to do. Ann

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I've taken both tours, and while I loved both, I'd recommend starting with the 13-day tour to get an overview of the various regions and an introduction to Istanbul.

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Hi Ann, I am wondering the same thing or maybe doing both, back to back. Which tour did you decide on and why? Thanks much, Sharon