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13 day Turkey Tour

I'm trying to figure out if I'm physically capable of doing the 13-day Turkey Tour. I see some comments that the tour is not physically demanding and other comments that it is demanding with little free time. Can't find an actual daily itinerary on the site to see for myself the amount of time spent walking/standing. I can walk up to 3 miles per day but need to be able to sit for brief periods of time. Stairs are OK if there's a handrail or if I take walking sticks or a cane. Yes, I can carry my own luggage. Anyone have experience with this tour that can help me with this decision? Marilyn

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Click on the tours tab from the RS main page. Then click on Greece Turkey that is in the list of various regions. Then under the big pictures at the top of the page there is an itenerary tab next to the whats included tab. Click on that and you will find three strenous days and 10 light or moderate activity days.

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From what I observed on a similar RS tour (also in Turkey), one of the main challenges is uneven pavements and lack of stairs (much more so than long distance walking), especially around some of the ancient sites and the smooth travertines at Pammukele - so it would be best to bring a walking stick to keep balance and very good walking shoes. One tour member had a very light little walking device/stick that opened into a small chair for periodic resting - it was genious. Trying to cover the main sites in Turkey will probably not afford you a whole lot of relaxation and downtime, but the upside is you will see a lot and never regret it. The guides are very helpful and will make sure you're OK, so if you think you can do it, you probably should! Also, as a last item, try not to go during the summer because the heat will really wear you down - some sites are not shaded and it will be an added strain if you are already straining.

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I think you should be fine. When I went on this trip, there was an 80 year old on it. Her daughters were with her. She had one of those canes that turn into a seat. (There might not always be a convenient spot to sit, sometimes there will be.) She did great. You might opt out of the hike in Cappadocia. Aside from that hike, I don't think we ever got close to walking 3 miles ... except for free time. The heat might be a consideration for you. I went with my mother who was in her late 60s. We intentionally went early to avoid the intense heat.
It's a great tour. I highly recommend it. My mom and I have returned to Turkey two times since our first trip. Will return to Istanbul this summer with my children!

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Hi from Istanbul Two years ago we took a 13 day " Turkish Delight" tour. The only tour my wife and I have been on in our 30+ years together. We used Pacha Tours or maybe it was Pasha Tours. Good price, nice hotels, too much food. Each day was jaw dropping. Was the trip physically demanding? Only as much as you wanted it to be. But keep in mind that any walking will likely be on uneven pavement.
Do you like egg plant? How about honey or nuts? Make sure you buy fresh squeezed pomegranate juice from a street vender. Delicious. Wayne iNISTANBUL, 65 degrees F