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12 days travel to Vienna and Prague

Hello. I am planning a 12 day trip to Vienna and Prague for April 2009. Our trip starts in Vienna and then flying back to USA from Prague. Our hotel accommodations are taken care of.

I would be grateful to receive suggestions on sites not to miss in Vienna and Prague.

What would be day trips that we can take at each locations by train, bus, tour , etc...?

I would like to know how many days stay at each locations. From other postings, I understand that it is best to stay longer in Vienna.

Is one rail pass the best rail choice for travel from Vienna to Prague? Do we need to purchase multi-day pass for any reason?

Can we go to Salisbury on a day trip from Vienna or does it require an over night stay?

Is there another worthwhile stop between Vienna and Prague?

Thank you in advance.

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Don't miss a day trip to Melk while in Vienna. It was one of our favorite sights. I think Prague has much more to offer than Vienna. Be sure to take a private walking tour of the city in Prague. Our guide was named Jitka and she was arranged through our hotel, The Riverside Hotel. Our favorite restaurant there was called La's in a basement and was wonderful. Cesky Krumlov is supposed to be a great place to see between Vienna and Prague.

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I think point to point ticket will be cheaper than rail pass. Salisbury? Do you mean Salzburg? That would be too far for day trip from Vienna. In Vienna choose Rick Steves suggestions. Also neighborhood Grinzing (google), UN seat and the nearby tower. In Prague in addition to R.S.recommendation I suggest Krizik Fountain (google). Day trips from Prague - again, see the Rick Steves book: Prague and the Czech Republic.

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As Ilja says, Vienna to Salzburg is a tough day-trip and there are better day trips much closer to Vienna. Vienna to Salburg is almost 400 miles roundtrip, roughly 7 hours on trains and in train stations once you add to the station to station time the additional time to get to the train station, wait for the train, get back to the Salzburg train station, wait for the train, etc. Better day trips from Vienna are cruising the Danube's Wachau Valley west of Vienna, including Krems and Melk, which can be done by train or bus as well as by boat. These are well described in Rick's book, Germany & Austria.

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Sounds like you are getting good advice. I'll weigh in on a couple of things to consider.

1) Get a guide in Prague. Can recommend one if you'd like.
2) Consider breaking down travel between Vienna and Prague. A long travel day, but get to Cesky Krumlov via train and taxi. Stay an evening and part of another day.
3) Use Mike's Chauffeur in Prague if using public transit.

Hope you have a great time. These are my two favorite European cities.

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It was many years ago, but we took a daytrip from Prague to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), a lovely old spa town. I don't recall if it was by bus or by train, but on that trip I was traveling with my parents and we made plans day by day, so whatever it was it was easy to do and not expensive.

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I'm far from a rail expert, but unless you plan making several day trips, I don't think a rail pass would be economical for this trip. It might be cheaper to buy point-to-point.