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Hi: we are a group of US bikers who are wanting to do two different one week bike tours: first in Croatia and a second in nearby Slovenia or Hungary. A large bike tour company says they do not do transfers or shuttles between their tours in different countries and do not know of a company that provides that service. Do you have any contacts or ideas who might provide a bus or van transfer service for about 10- 20 people and luggage? The transfer may start in either country as we have not decided which tour to do first. Tours typically end after breakfast and the second would typically start on the same day around supper giving us about 8 hours to make the transfer. Thanks, Jim

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Is the train an option for you. Zagreb is a pretty good hub for the region with trains and bus services.

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Hello Jim, the thing that may determine what options you have are whether or not you are traveling with your own bikes or using the bike tour companies bikes. If you are travleing with your own bike James' recommendation of a train is probably the easiest and most affordable if Zagreb is where one of the tours starts/ends and assuming there is train service to where the other tour starts/ends. Trying to squeeze 20 bikes on a public bus cargo hold is not too likely. If you are traveling without bikes then trains/bus/shuttle can be quite doable depending where you are transferring from. If the tour company you are working with can't give recommendations on a company that can ferry bikes or large a group of people try a local travel agency. In Croatia/Slovenia they are still the best source for transportation options and arrangements (just not the cheapest). The trains in that area do not connect all areas of the country like they do in western europe, so your start/end points for the bike tours will be critical for that option.