If an ATM took my card, let me enter my PIN number and the amount I wanted, but then spit my card back out with no money, no explanation, nothing...what does that mean? Did it not have enough money? Did it just rip me off? Ugh I am too afraid to put my card back into any ATM now.

Posted by Mishell
Grand Rapids, MN, USA
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Thank you for your reply. My card worked just fine at the Athens airport on the 25th. Today was first day since that I tried to use it, and this is what happened. Oh course banks are closed here, and not yet open back home, so I am just waiting to call my bank. Thank you again =)

Posted by James E.
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Either log into your bank account and check or call your banks customer service and check.

Wake Forest, NC, United States
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This just happened to us in Romania this week. After talking to the bank we found out that VISA has the entire country blocked - no transaction s via ATM or Credit cards

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I've seen that happen when the ATM needs service (or is currently being serviced). It may not have anything to do with your card.

Posted by Mishell
Grand Rapids, MN, USA
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Thank you for all your reply's. Oops my fault...turns out the amount of Euros I was trying to take out was over my dollar amount ;)