EUROBUZZ cell phones

Has anyone used EUROBUZZ cell phones while traveling in Eastern Europe, specifically Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovinia? If so, what has been your experience? Looking forward to any insights you can give me!

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Monica, I went through the Czech Republic, Poland & Hungary with my Eurobuzz phone and it worked great! It was a Direct Dial system and not a Call Back type. The reception was very good. Since I only used it generally for booking restaurant reservations and confirming hotel reservations, it was perfect. It was also nice to have in case of emergencies. I also liked their flat billing system per call, which compared to other options, was very reasonable. When I got home and checked my billing (they bill to your credit card), all charges were legit, were per the agreement. There were other functions such as texting and voicemail that I did not use, but are included. All in all, I found it to be valuable & reasonably priced tool. I loved it and will definitely use it on my next European trip.

Posted by Deborah
San Diego, CA, USA
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Where can you buy them, and what is the cost? Do you know if they also would work in Belgium/Netherlands/France?

Posted by Monica
Moorestown, New Jersey, USA
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If you go to, you can get information about how to purchase these phones and rates. From my understanding, the phones are $29 plus shipping. They get sent to you from the UK. Rates then to send or receive calls when in Europe are $.79 a minute. When you get your phone, you get a UK phone number. Charges are made to your credit card. I hope that I am right in my description of this service, but best for you to contact them yourself.. I have yet to purchase and/or use one but am planning to do this before my upcoming trip to Croatia and Slovenia.