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10 days in Greece

We will be travelling to the Greek Islands for the first time in June (with a 2 yr old) We were thinking of Rhodes 5 days, Santorini 3 days and Mykonos 2 days. We are looking for a nice quiet place to stay for about 5 days on a beach in an apartment. Should we swap Rhodes for another more quiet island or can somebody recommend a suitable place on Rhodes?

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Travel between Rhodes and Santorini is limited to 3 days/week, MWF, so your timing will have to be right on. I think you'd be better off dividing your time between Santorini and another island easily reached from there by ferry, such as Naxos or Paros or even Antiparos, which is lovely and very quiet. Unless you are going to Mykonos for the nightlife you might want to reconsider going there with such a young child in tow, not to mention it's about the most expensive island in Greece.

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I agree with Lee on all counts. Also you would be better of splitting the time between only 2 islands at the most if you are traveling with a 2 yr old. Jet lag or travel fatigue remedies don't work as well on little tykes. Its going to take the kid a couple of days just to get over the incoming flight, so beach time would be ideal on the front end of the trip.

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I agree with the other posts. We were in Mykonos last May and I don't know if I'd go there with a 2 year old, I have 3 children and know what its like. We went to the island of Milos and it was beautiful and quiet and if you stay in the fishing village of Pollonia you will get a great taste of Greek culture. We were even invited to a wedding when we were there. If you are looking of beautiful and quiet, I would look into Milos and its a quick ferry ride from Santorini to Milos.

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One of my cousins is planning to visit the place this year; lets' see how the trip turns out to be.