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07:00 departure from Ljubljana versus 12:30 departure

We are booked for a June Eastern European tour. I had originally intended to take a return flight from Ljubljana at 12:30 which would get me back to Boston at 18:30 and then be able to take the last available train home from there arriving about 23:00. If we choose a 07:00 departure I can be in Boston at 14:30 and have a choice of a few different train departures. For those who have done it, how difficult is it getting up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning to get to the airport and how easily is this coordinated? The answers to an earlier question piqued my interest in possibly trying the earlier flight home.

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The only issue I've ever had with an early morning departure like that is your use of public transportation to the sirport may be resticted; you may need to leave for the airport before the trams start running. Of course, you can always take a taxi; it just adds somewhat to the cost.

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See my reply to your other post - plenty of other tourmates will have equally early flights. There were no problems having the guide arrange early shuttle vans.

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I go to Europe every summer for a month and while there take a RS tour. One year, we were cutting our vacation time REAL short so to make it home when we need to, we took a 0700 flight out of our tour ending city. We did that ONCE. We have never done that again and since then take a flight that departs at noon if it is non-stop from where we are, or, take a noon flight to the city we need to get to to fly back to Seattle non-stop. We spend the night there and are ready for morning flights home. Much more relaxing way to end a European vacation.