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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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As if you are talking to a three year old..
pat 18
Are wall chargers interchangeable?
Terry 11
are Internet cafes a thing of the past?
Jill 30
App to track travel expenses?
Terri 10
App to automatically connect to WiFi in airports...tried it?
Bruce 1
Apps for translations
gloriafreemon 11
Apple Watch In Europe
Andrea 25
Apple Transit Express
Rocket 4
Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 8?
Continental 11
Apple/Mac updates deleted Translator Ap.
erob1224 12
Any thoughts on TEP Wireless or wifi
pg.madhu 3
Anyone use Skype?
Paul 18
Anyone try Google Maps offline in Europe yet?
T. 17
Anyone try Cellomobile? Advice needed for renting a mobile wifi device to bring to Europe
linleystorm 3
Anyone having recent trouble with Google flights?
Tamara 9
Anyone familiar with Verizon's travel plan?
mgriffen 7
Anyone familiar with MIFI?
marycleopatra 3
Any issues booking through Expedia?
ocnj087 21
Any good tips to prevent cell phone theft?
Adrienne 24
Any Good Pre-Paid Phone options for Use In ITALY?
booknine 9
another SIM/wifi calling questions
Ashley 4
Another question about phones and SIM cards
SandraL 17
Another question about i.d.
Nance 7
another i-phone question
Tracy 7
Android Tablet vs Chromebook
Frank II 11
And now, we might lose that wifi
phred 5
And, another question
advocatecare 16
American Chip and Pin card
Bill 12
Amazon's many International SIM cards. Do they work in Europe?
wayfaringwoman 13
Amazon Prime Day - Bose QC25 on sale $125
Rocket 9
Amazon Fire Stick
Georgiatraveler 5
Always Sweating the Camera Decisions
Marie 9
Alternative to SIM cards
Ufkak 16
Alternative to Google Hangouts
JustTravel 13
Alternative Tablet for iPad
Mike 33
All In One Travel Adapter
Buzzy 3
Airport ATMs
phred 18
Airline data breaches/hacking
Lola 4
Airbnb stability
mschonekas 3
Agoda : money deducted from CC before check in
kenlee6 7
After we were robbed, which companies helped and which did not?
marcia 22
Advise for International SIM Card
sypriss 8
Advice on selection of Unlocked phone pre-paid for China - GSM ?
denise_callender 2
Advice on charging my phone during the day in Paris
Alyssa 10
Advice for language apps
paulmdodson 5
Adventure with European SIM cards
Barnstormer 13
Advance planning if phone or iPad gets stolen
Larry 4
Adaptors for iPhone/ipad
halfdozmom 11
Adaptor/converter for Spain and Portugal
azcorazon 3
adapter with multiple usb ports
Ruth 14