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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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BofA app - order foreign currency
1885BD 29
Sim Card Advice
2bdesign 17
Data in Italy
33chanteuse 6
Which cell phone
3ddana 14
Choosing a compact camera to shoot travel stills and videos
3ddana 12
Setting up a family & friends travel blog
45pinetrail 12
SmartPhones in Europe
4salenas 23
Taking an IPad and or Smart Phone for extended trip to Europe
aarthurperry 24
Debit Card won't work in DK
aawortham 12
Can I use International Phone Card purchased in London in other countries?
acady 11
Enhancement to Google Maps
acraven 0
Communicating with fellow travelers
adptapa89 21
Directions for how to start customizing your own Google Maps
Adrienne 14
Any good tips to prevent cell phone theft?
Adrienne 24
cell phone
adrouin 5
Question about website for trip reviews
advocatecare 10
Switzerland adapter question
advocatecare 21
And, another question
advocatecare 16
YouTube question for the techies
advocatecare 5
Best picture upload site that can be shared
advocatecare 18
Credit union debit card did not work in some European ATMs
Al 12
Two phones - SIM or no SIM?
Al 11
Test post from new email address
Al 4
best flight ear plugs
aleezapink 3
Capital One 360 Debit Cards to now have Pin and Chip
Alexander 13
Buy a cheap phone at Charles de Gaulle?
Alexis 5
Technology and the travel experience
Allan 37
USB charger question
Allie 11
GoPro versus Olympus TG-6 or similar
Allie 3
MINT MOBILE reviews?
Allison 3
French Language Learning Podcasts for Travelers
Alloro 2
Phone GPS for Walking or Auto
allsopp 9
There are a lot of things that I can forego, not my phone! Pls. Help!
alopezsanfran 8
Advice on charging my phone during the day in Paris
Alyssa 10
Should I buy a new cell phone or a new digital camera?
ameliamb 21
Cell service on the My Way Alpine Europe tour
Amy 7
Mobile Passport Control App review
amyk 57
Andrea 17
Andrea 24
Blogging App
Andrea 7
Those of you who "photobook" - how do you end your books? Design ideas wanted.
Andrea 7
Online Blog To Hardcover Book
Andrea 7
Sprint cell plan for Spain
Andrea 4
Apple Watch In Europe
Andrea 25
Virtual Meetings - Zoom or ?
Andrea 22
Quick review of GPS navigation device options for those renting cars
Andre L. 3
Intra-EU roaming charges for voice, text and data abolished from June 15th
Andre L. 9
Dutch Vodafone SIM card for use in Europe
Andrew H. 8
Check to see if your phone is unlocked: buy a prepaid SIM for one penny
Andrew H. 4
Verizon begins 60-day SIM lock policy on new phones
Andrew H. 6