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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Google map....covid overlay available
MariaF 4
Google Maps + Data Plan is the way to go!
corpkid 9
Google Maps Options - Bigger Roads Only?
Nelly 15
Google Maps vs Maps.Me vs Garmin vs Ford SYNC Nav
Work2Travel 4
Google offline maps
phred 5
Google Stories- Automatic Photo Trip Presentation with Maps! FREE!
Richard 4
Google Translate
horsewoofie 10
Google translate - photo 'magic'
keri 14
Google Translate sort list by language
horsewoofie 8
Google Trips App
Westnova 4
Google Voice from Germany to the States
Cindy 7
GoPro versus Olympus TG-6 or similar
Allie 3
Go Pro vs. Travel Camera vs. iPhone
Joyful Traveler 10
Got great earphones. Now what for listing to our music choices especially in flight
zagfam 7
Mark 7
GPS in the rental
melpalm1923 4
GPS tip for the UK
Mike Tipton 4
GPS to use in Europe
John 13
GPS track files for download of Rick's tours/walks......??????
Richard 1
GPS unit for walking tours
Shari 5
Great Airmiles Deal on an Excellent Camera
funpig 3
Greece cell phones with Consumer Cellular?
monica 4
hair dryer use
heimb1 13
Hangouts Dialer, wifi backup for poor cellular reception?
Les 8
Has anyone from the US used Project Fi for travel in Europe?
zoomcd 13
Has Anyone Tried an Unlocked Hotspot for WiFi?
chuckros 3
Has anyone used AT&T Passport calling/data plans?
Sarah 44
Has anyone used Sprint when traveling to Italy?
frankie7777ma 8
Has anyone used the GPSmycity app? What audio walking tour do you recommend?
KAS in YVR 5
Has anyone used Viber to make free international calls?
richf7 5
Has anyone used VPN apps while traveling?
RailRider 4
Have wifi while traveling?
Nance 18
have you used BofA Travel Rewards card in Europe as chip-and-pin?
Bill G 5
Andrea 17
Headphones for In-Flight Entertainment - Lufthansa LAX to Prague
vickigalasso 10
Headphone Suggestions Requested
Joyce 12
Help a non-techie on what to bring along?
Help from the computer
tschiraschepr... 13
Helpful Apps to Have
Raymond 21
Help in downloading to IPad
Terri 5
help me be a better journal-keeper
avirosemail 28
Help! Need private app for sharing vacation.
Libby 9
Help please! Can you set up SIM card in US before going to England?
scapoose 19
Help with Headphones
Linda B 6
High speed access for computer
metahedda 5
Jane 3
Hippo Wifi
orangerooster 4
Hold the phone: Verizon
Denny 3
Holiday Photography Conundrum
steves_8 24
Hotels in Berlin, Germany
rgriffin7 6