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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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EU Law Cancels Roaming Fees Across Europe
oh-I-wish 3
Eurobuzz cell phones
ldblohm 4
Euro Buzz for cell phone use
Faith 13
Eurobuzz update
phred 1
European mobile roaming charges to be scrapped in 2017
Anthony Don 1
European sim cards
mjmaloney 0
European Travel Converter Recommended
kikolix1129 13
Expedia seems to be having some problems
Mike Beebe 2
Experience with Verizon Global Data and iPhone 5 in Europe
GraniteAmble 3
Factory Unlocked Vs International Unlocked
NiraBlue 7
Feedback of the G3 Wireless for Traveling in Europe
Cierra 3
Figuring out where I took these pictures
steveanthony800 7
File storage App
Diana 6
Finally, more free wifi on the way
phred 7
Fitbit data on iPad?
Joel 7
Flat iron on 17 day Eastern Europe Tour
mcnealon 6
*Flyover Country*-mobile app for GeoScience
Pam 4
For a European road trip, GPS is essential - some tips
marcia 23
framed photos from your trips
Ruth 8
free wifi
dora1393 8
Free wifi calling and texting on Iphone 6
Bill 4
Free WiFi connections
Dianne 17
Free WIFI in Europe
Stew 5
French and Dutch Culinary Language Apps?
Jenaluma 5
French Language Learning Podcasts for Travelers
Alloro 2
french sim card lasting more than 30 days?
Beverly 3
French SIM cards - Lyon airport
caryb10 2
Galaxy s7 and sim card in Paris
pjkeeler 5
Garmin GPS
Donna 5
Garmin GPS with European Maps
Janice 5
Garmin Maps
mcn4 1
German SIM cards
PatK 7
Germany SIM
smarcbie 2
Getting a SIM card ASAP
Stephen 6
Getting info WiFi Calling?
Ray 8
horsewoofie 3
GiffGaff simcard for UK?
S J 11
Global Entry addendum: new Trusted Traveler technical hoops to jump through
avirosemail 17
Global Entry fingerprints
Lola 19
'Good' international SIM card provider?
JuanM 5
Good Site for Booking Budget Lodging
humb4375 6
Google Earth Virtual Travel - Know Before You Go
Bill 1
Libby 15
Google Fi
Ufkak 16
Google Fi Experience in Germany & Austria
Work2Travel 2
Google Fi now with more phones
Bruce 10
Google Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, and Google Voice
Scott 8
google hangouts ???s
horsewoofie 11
Google hangouts, vodafone, and a big shout out to Andrew H!
Ruth 7
Google Maps + Data Plan is the way to go!
corpkid 9