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First time using Deepl -- much more accurate

We were working through an internet issue with our Airbnb landlord via the site's messaging platform, which clearly uses Google Translate. Normally not an issue, but the conversation had gotten "down in the weeds" about routers and repeaters, and one message from the landlord was particularly incomprehensible. Out of frustration, I typed her original Spanish message into Deepl, and another translation came back, this one entirely understandable and explanatory of the situation. Has anyone else tried Deepl with more success than Google Translate? This was the first I'd heard of it (ironically, by searching on Google!) :-)

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I started using Deepl about 3 years ago when I first started learning German. It's a good resource for translating words (especially the uncommon ones) and usually better than Google Translate (although GT has definitely improved over the years). I don't use it as much anymore since my German is better now, but it is a good resource, especially when you don't know the language.

They have an app you can use for your Mac, IOS or Windows. I used to have it on my Mac but just don't use it enough anymore, so if I do need to translate another language, I use the web version.

You can also download a Chrome extension and it will translate words and phrases (or more) as you're reading on Chrome. It will also be embedded in Gmail and can translate incoming or outgoing emails.

They have a Pro version, but really the free version gives you a lot so I doubt you would need the Pro.

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Thank you for telling us about Deepl. I just downloaded the app. Looks easy to use.
I’ve been using Microsoft Translate until yesterday. MSN updated the app and it’s almost impossible to use. I deleted it. Google Translate is OK just not my go-to app.

EDIT: After playing with Deepl this morning, I am disappointed that I can’t save phrases in the free version.

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DeepL is my first choice for checking translations. Generally more accurate, in my opinion, than Bing or Google.

My biggest complaint is the audio option. It reads back the text so quickly that it's difficult to catch pronunciation if that's what you're trying to get. For that, I usually use Forvo for individual words.

Here's a question: Does one pronounce it to rhyme with people or as DEEP-ELL?

I prefer the latter but I've heard some folks use the former.