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Zurich, Zurmat

Looking for advice,

Will stay in Zurich for one night after landing at airport. (looking for suggestions where to stay). Plan to catch a train the next morning to Zurmatt to spend the day and then catch the train back to Lucerne to meet friends. Any suggestions on this plan are appreciated.

Which train do i take from Zurich to Zurmatt, and Zurmatt to Lucern?

Will only be in Lucerne 2 nights then train to Munich.

Thank you for any information provided.

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Zurich to Zermatt by train is a little more than 3-1/2 hrs and Zermatt back to Lucerne would be closer to 4 hrs - doesn't leave you much time in Zermatt. A long complicated and pretty costly trip for such a short time. You don't say when you are going to Switzerland but time of year may also impact the trip if you do decide to do it; it would only be worthwhile (if at all) when the weather was perfect, if rainy or cloudy it would definitely not be worth it. I would just go from Zurich to Lucerne and spend a 3rd night there because there's lots to see and do around there, many mountain lifts, etc. Or spend that other night in a smaller town nearby to get a more rural experience.

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As Nancy said, it's a long way to go and a lot of travel time for only a few hours, and if the weather is poor, you may be sorely disappointed.

What time do you land in Zurich? You may be able to go right to Lucerne as it only takes about an hour. Nice place to recover from jetlag.

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Which train do i take from Zurich to Zurmatt, and Zurmatt to Lucern?

You take the first train that is gong there. Same as if you were traveling by plane (or bus, or subway). The nice person at the ticket window will be glad to help you. It will help if you spell it correctly.

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If you can read a train schedule you can find all of your necessary train information (connections, times, platforms, etc) at

fyi - click on the little "en" at the top of the page for english or whatever language is best suited for you.

Don't use raileurope to look for trains.