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Zurich Vacation Rental


We are seeking recommendations for a Zurich apartment or home rental for a week in March 2020 for a couple, non-smokers, no pets, no children.

Looking for:
Under $225/night,
1+ bedroom,
1+ bath,
and safe are top priorities. Sure appreciate any help.

Thank you!!

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Thank you, Tim.

Unlike others, we have not had positive experiences with Airbnb so are hoping to find alternatives.

I appreciate your reply, though. Thank you.

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Have you used and checked the "Apartment" box?

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If you don't get anywhere in Zurich, you might try Zug.

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Thank you, Emma. These are gorgeous!! But a bit above our budget. I appreciate reading about this option, though.

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They are definitely more expensive than average. You can save a bit by cooking for yourself and using the nearby COOP for groceries (this is how we survived our first few months in Switzerland. Eating out is $$$$

Hope you find something suitable! Welcome to Switzerland :)

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Zurich is a very save city, I have worked and lived there at different times over the past 30 years and security would be the last thing on my mind, except for officially sanctioned day on anarchy - 1st of May.

Noise is always going to be an issue in any city, but in Zurich it is not too bad most have tribble glazed windows etc... the noise level is kept to a minimum. Quietness is a big thing in Switzerland, in apartment blocks it is unacceptable to flush toilets, have showers etc. between 10.00 pm and 6:00 am, so in general people tend to be careful about making noise late at night.

As far as I can see on there are several options well below your budget, but they are going fast.