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Zurich University Restaurants

Is it possible for tourists/visitors to still eat at the university restaurants for a cheaper meal? We plan to take the Polybahn up and try to eat lunch there.

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I used to work at the ETH and there were a decent amount of visiting scholars (and visitors in general) eating at the student mensa (the best restaurant of the bunch). Employees and students show their ID to get a discount - others just pay normal price which is still stupidly cheap for Zurich. The building where the mensa is located is in the modern building/student union just to the west (downtown Zurich side) of the main building with the square dome. The mensa is directly below the the large patio/overlook (which has an outstanding view of Zurich BTW).

Incidentally, other good, cheap eats in Zurich are the Migros restaurant at the location on Lowenstrasse and the Manor dept store just off the Bahnhofstrasse.

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Great information! Thank you so much! I plan to load up on food at Migros for our train ride to Munich!