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Zurich to mountains for 2 days

My husband and I are travelling to Zurich later this week for work. We have extended our stay to do some sightseeing but I am having a hard time planning. We are looking to travel to Lauterbrunnen/grindelwald area Sunday morning and stay over Sunday will have most of Sunday and Monday there.
My questions:
-is train travel the best choice?
-how hard is it to get between the smaller towns by train?
-any tips for hotels in this area?

I am overwhelmed by all of the options and feel like I am trying to plan too much into a short period. We are hoping to do some hiking. Any tips on what to do in a short period would be greatly appreciated.


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Just go to Muerren and be done with it. Accuweather is showing you might luck out with good weather on Monday, but this far out, who knows. Yes, train travel is the way to go, as it is the only way to get to places like Muerren. If you did have a car already rented for your stay, that would work too, you would just have to park it at the Lauterbrunnen garage, (or Stechelberg car park). Yes, you can get around easily by train. With only 1 1/2 days, I don't see much reason for moving around once you are there. You will already be in the most beautiful place on earth.

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  • is train travel the best choice?
    • Train travel is the only sensible choice.
  • how hard is it to get between the smaller towns by train?

    • Easier than it is by road. The road ends at Lauterbrunnen. Wengen and Mürren are only accessable by train (or on foot).
  • any tips for hotels in this area?

I would start with this website. It gives plenty of things to do, and lists all the hotels in the area:

This "map" should give you some idea of the local geography. Red is rail lines, black cable cars:

All rail lines in Switzerland have at least one train per hour, often (including in this area), every 30 minutes.
Look up train times, including Zürich to Lauterbrunnen, on the SBB website:

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I would go up to Mürren and lodge there. You will be in paradise! You can hike, you can bike, you can take a cable car at one end of Mürren to the top of the Schilthorn. Have a wonderful time.

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Head to Mürrren. Book a room at Hotel Eiger ( close to the train station), Hotel Bellevue ( my choice, it is a longer walk through town but has wonderful views of the Jungfrau massif across the valley), or Hotel Alpina (perched on the edge of the cliff).

For a nice hike, hike up or ride the funicular to Allmendhubel and follow the signs for the North Face Trail, which does a nice loop out to the right (as you face the view), along a ridge with signs telling the history of first ascents on the peaks opposite. There are various choices as you loop back toward Mürren, visiting the little waterfall and/or Gimmelwald on the way.

Next day, take your luggage down to Lauterbrunnen and store it in the lockers at the station. Ride the train up to Wengen, and take the cablecar up to Männlichen. Walk along the ridge to Kleine Scheidegg, with views of the Eiger and Jungfrau in front of you, and the Grindelwald Valley to the left. Have lunch on the terrace at the mountain restaurant on your left before you get to Kleine Scheidegg.

If you long to see the Jungfraujoch/Top of Europe, this is your chance; you buy tickets and board the train at Kleine Scheidegg. ( Personally I feel this popular excursion is overpriced, overcrowded, and overrated, but that is just my opinion.). Or you could ride the train down to Grindelwald and walk through town to the First gondola. It will take you up to the trailhead for a short but beautiful walk to the famous Bachalpsee, which (if the waters are calm) will reflect images of the peaks opposite. Here is a description of the hike, with photos:

You can return to Lauterbrunnen to collect your luggage by train through the valleys instead of over the ridge. Riding all these trains and lifts will not be cheap, but it will be a very memorable day.

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I have another suggestion. With such limited time, just take the short train ride from Zurich to Lucerne & spend the night there. You want mountains & hiking? Mt. Pilatus fills that bill; incredibly scenic. Also highly recommend a lake cruise & Lucerne is a beautiful town to explore. The savings of time in train travel is well worth it. I feel the Lauterbrunnen valley deserves a minimum of three nights to really see the area & who knows what the weather will be like for a single full day there.

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I agree completely with the Murren suggestions. You will not regret staying there.