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Zurich to Lake Como and Back


I want to visit Switzerland in mid-October, 4-5 days, via Trains.

City Time Hotel Direction
Zurich 1 Day 1 Night Zurich to Lucerne
Lucerne 1 Day no night stay Lucerne to Lake Como
Lake Como 1 Day 1 night Lake Como to Intelaken
Interlaken 2 night stay Interlaken to Montreux
Montreux, Switzerland 1 night stay Montreux to Zurich

I'd like to visit to jungfraujoch .

Does this sound do able?

Any recommendation
Thanks Taz

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I'd like 1 day in Zurich

Why? Its a nice city, but there are better places to spend your time in Switzerland.

1 day in Interlaken
I'd like to visit to jungfraujoch .

Giving yourself just one day to go to the Jungfraujoch, what if the weather is inclement? It is an expensive journey if you can't see your hand in front of you.

1 day to Lake Como

Again, why? Just to cross it off the bucket list?

Give us when and how you are arriving in Zurich, and where you are going afterward, and how you are going. Maybe there is a plan to make some of this happen in a satisfactory manner.

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You would be spending half your time on trains or in train stations. Jungfraujoch is a >1/2 day trip in itself.

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Your name and proposed travels brought this to mind--

I find your chosen name quite apt as I suspect you will look to an observer like the cartoon character of the same name.

Am I understanding correctly that you plan to leave Zurich, stop in Lucerne and spend that night at Lake Como?

Does this sound do able?

Probably logistically possible, but whether it would be an enjoyable experience is much less certain.

My $0.02.... use it as you see fit

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Is this doable? It could be done but sounds horrible! One night stays are not recommended.
Extend your trip or cut out some places you are stopping. You are scheduling 4-5 days for a trip that should number a minimum of ten days!
For four or five days, fly to Zurich, 1 night in Zurich, train to Lucerne, stay three nights .Four rushed nights gone!

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Thanks everyone for you help. I think, I need to rethink this journey.

I am flying into Zurich and want to visit jungfraujoch and other Swiss sites. I can skip Lake Como


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and want to visit jungfraujoch

then you'd better be very lucky on your tightly timed schedule.

The mountains reward patience and those in a great hurry often go home disappointed

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You're funny, but correct.
I have spent six nights in Murren total, two trips.

I made it to the Jungfraujoch on the first try.
Times I've made it to the Schilthorn = 0

The weather wins!
(Altho the weather was fine for hiking, the clouds successfully hid the summit.)

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I had a beautiful day at the Schilthorn and didn't need the Jungfrau